Our values

Surgiris is headquartered in Croix, on the outskirts of Lille in northern France, at the crossroads between Paris, London and Brussels. For the last 15 years, the company has designed manufactured and marketed surgical lights, distribution columns and ceiling pendants for operating theatres.

Three core values underpin Surgiris’s business strategy and day-to-day practices : innovation, quality and customer service.



Dedicated to surgical light and medical pendant

Our strength: finding ways to overcome technological barriers. Our in-house design office is tasked with developing innovative solutions to our customers’ problems and requirements. Every year, 15% of company turnover is reinvested in research and development. The fruit of this investment has been three international patents filed to protect the technology and innovation so central to our products : surgical lights and medical pendants.


For an impeccable surgical light and medical pendant

Our products are CE-marked medical devices and are also certified by the current standards ISO 13485. Our quality management system is structured around two key priorities: product traceability and the inspection operations put in place to ensure that our products are safe and conform to the technical requirements and applicable regulations. Surgiris’s focus on quality is such that we submit our surgical lights and medical pendants to additional testing not required by the regulations; notably to certify the degree of protection offered by our surgical lights and to check that they do not interfere with wireless communication or with the correct ventilation of the surgical suite.


Always satisfied customers

Surgiris has a strong customer focus, both in terms of its strategic thinking and its decision-making. Delivering customer satisfaction is an imperative. Our objectives are to meet our customers’ expectations and to provide advice during project development and implementation. Accordingly, we offer a broad range of services – from support during installation through to user training and product maintenance of surgical lights and medical pendants. Our after-sales service can be contacted 6 days a week and we guarantee that work will be carried out within 24/48 hours on site or in our workshop. Further support for our customers is provided by our worldwide network of distributors and our subsidiaries in Brazil, Belgium and Switzerland.

Find more information on our website : www.surgiris.com