DERMARIS is a class 2A medical device. This LED lamp is a light for photodynamic therapy dedicated to treating actinic keratosis. It offers a constant intensity of 20 000 lux and a large treatment surface of 20 cm. Through the use of white LEDs technology, it provides the same clinical outcomes as daylight

A careful design for the benefits of HCP and patients

Through the use of white LEDs technology, patient comfort is significantly optimized

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Specify glass protection for patient & HCP

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Dermaris offers many benefits for daylight PDT and dermatology practicing


Distribution profile

Spectral irradiance of white LEDs

DERMARIS was designed to offers a large and homogeneous treatment surface.

Thanks to white LEDs technology, DERMARIS proposes a larger spectrum which covers all peaks of absorption of PpIX (between 400 and 750 nm)

Technical specifications

Optical dataDERMARIS
Central light intensity (Ec)20 000 Lux
Fixed light field diameter20 cm
Colour rendering index Ra95
Colour temperature4 200 K
Exposure indicator timerUp to 2h
Electrical dataDERMARIS
Power supply100 to 240 VAC ; 50/60 Hz
LEDs lifetime60 000 h
Number of LEDs4
LEDs typeWhite
Max power consumption< 10 W
Mechanical dataDERMARIS
Dimension of the cupola27 x 23 cm

Dimensions of mobile configuration

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Certifications :

Certifications CE Dermaris