DERMARIS is a light for photodynamic therapy dedicated to treating actinic keratosis. It offers a constant intensity of 20 000 lux and a large treatment surface of 20 cm. Through the use of white LEDs technology, it provides the same clinical outcomes as daylight

dermaris light

A careful design for the benefits of practitioner and patients

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  • Simplified switch with on/off button
  • Infrared sensor to measure the distance for treating
  • Integrated timer with 6 LEDs alert indicators (timer up to 2h)
  • Automatic switch off after 2 hours

Through the use of white LEDs technology, patient comfort is significantly optimized

  • Treatment of actinic keratosis completely painless and silent
  • Protection of patient against glare
  • UV and IR free treatment which also warns of risk of sun exposure
  • Much greater freedom to patient (possibility to go to toilets during the consultation without impacting the protocol)
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Dermaris offers many benefits for daylight PDT and dermatology practicing

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  • Treatment of the field cancerization as a whole thanks to a constant intensity over all the illuminated field
  • Large treatment surface of 20 cm
  • Ease of use : < 2min for positionning patient
  • Possible use as care and examination light


Distribution profile

Spectral irradiance of white LEDs

Profil de distribution lumineuse - Dermaris
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DERMARIS was designed to a large surface with the same intensity. So, it offers a homogeneous treatment of actinic keratosis

Thanks to white LEDs technology, DERMARIS proposes a larger spectrum which covers all peaks of absorption of PpIX (between 400 and 750 nm)

Technical specifications

Optical dataDERMARIS
Central light intensity (Ec)20 000 Lux
Effective irradiance surface314 cm²
Fixed light field diameter20 cm
Irradiance2,9 mW/cm²
Colour rendering index Ra95
Colour rendering index R13 (skin)95
Colour temperature4 200 K
Integrated timerUp to 2h
Electrical dataDERMARIS
Power supply100 to 240 VAC ; 50/60 Hz
LEDs lifetime60 000 h
Number of LEDs4
LEDs typeWhite
Max power consumption
Mechanical dataDERMARIS
Dimension of the cupola27 x 23 cm

Dimensions of mobile configuration

Config mobile dimensions

Available in other configurations

Ceiling-mounted configuration
Mur - Dermaris



Certifications :

Certifications CE Dermaris
Certifications ISO13485 Dermaris